Bag tax warning

Bag tax warning

ENGLAND’S NEW bag tax could cause conflict and contamination, according to experts.

From today, October 5th, large retailers will have to charge customers 5p for single-use plastic bags. The policy, pushed through under the coalition government, should dramatically reduce the number of bags used.

Similar regulations in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have been well-received, with up to 80% fewer bags in circulation in some cases.

However, England’s rules are far more complicated ...

RIP Responsibility Deal?

RIP Responsibility Deal?

THE GOVERNMENT’S public health responsibility deal is being wound down, according to a report in the Sunday Times.

Sources told the paper that the industry continues to work on the voluntary pledges, but there have been no meetings since the election.

The website also clearly states that the content was “published under the 2010 to 2015 coalition government”.

The deal had its fair share of critics, with a number of companies having failed ...

News Review

News Review

Carney on climate

The Bank of England’s governor caused quite a stir with a speech about climate change this week. Speaking at a Lloyd’s of London insurance event Mark Carney referred to climate change as “the tragedy of the horizon”. “The horizon for monetary policy extends out to two to three years. For financial stability it is a bit longer, but typically only to the outer boundaries of the credit cycle ...

Sugar variances uncovered in soft drinks

Sugar variances uncovered in soft drinks

SUGAR-SWEETENED soft drinks made for the European market have much less sugar than those sold in other markets.

A review of 274 fizzy drinks found that Fanta Orange, for example, has 20 grams less added sugar in the UK (23g/330ml) than the same product in India or Vietnam. A standard-sized can of Pepsi also has 4g less sugar in the UK than it does in Japan.

It wasn’t all good news ...

Cameron is “proud” of school meals policy

Cameron is “proud” of school meals policy

THE PRIME Minister has told Sky News that he is “very proud” of the Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM) policy. “It was an excellent reform carried out in the last parliament,” he said in an interview.

David Cameron also highlighted a commitment to the scheme is in his party’s 2015 manifesto, which reads: “We will support families by providing free meals to all infants.”

Sources from Number 10 also told Sky ...


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My viewpoint: Responsible seafood procurement is top of the menu, says Seafish’s Tom Pickerell.

My viewpoint: Responsible seafood procurement is top of the menu, says Seafish’s Tom Pickerell.

THE CHANGING tastes consumers have always presented a challenge to the foodservice sector. In recent years, the ethical credentials of outlets that sell seafood and other finite resources have come under increased scrutiny.

We know from our own research that consumers trust those who provide seafood to be “doing the right thing” when procuring their products.

Furthermore, businesses are finding that their customers now expect a responsibly sourced and traceable product. ...

My viewpoint: The digital era can help foodservice companies track and measure more than just food miles and waste levels says Kate Windebank

My viewpoint: The digital era can help foodservice companies track and measure more than just food miles and waste levels says Kate Windebank

MOST ORGANISATIONS have a CSR policy for sourcing food, reducing food miles and recycling more – and that should all be encouraged. But there is always more pressure on hospitality operators to do more, to make more savings and to operate more sustainably. 

This pressure comes not only from government bodies, but consumers too. Almost two thirds (62%) expect high standards of sustainability, according to BIFM’s Sustainability in Facilities Management Report 2015. ...

Opening the door for SMEs

Opening the door for SMEs

GETTING A foothold in a large corporate supply chain can be daunting for SMEs. Sodexo’s new supply chain inclusion programme hopes to demystify the process and make it easier for SMEs to work with large organisations. Amy Fetzer reports.

While landing a contract with a big facilities service provider is an aspiration for many SMEs, the complexity of dealing with big business often proves a barrier. Concerns often surround whether they ...

Briefing: Do we need  antibiotic-free  labels on food?

Briefing: Do we need antibiotic-free labels on food?

WITH THE OVERUSE of medicine linked to the rise of MRSA, pressure is mounting on the food industry to act. Experts give their view.

New investigation

An investigation by the Guardian newspaper found that pork sold by several leading supermarkets was contaminated with a strain of MRSA. The so-called superbug has been linked with the overuse of powerful antibiotics on intensive farms. The pork was not British, but research published at the same ...

Bug bites

Bug bites

EATING INSECTS could offer huge benefits for food security, but how will firms overcome the ick factor? Brand expert Imogen Birt reports.

About 80% of the world’s nations already enjoy eating insects but it’s yet to take off in Western markets. Some companies are starting to raise the profile of entomophagy, but none have managed to break into the mainstream.

Exo and Chapul are part of a growing band of crowdsourced cricket ...

Workplace plays key role in improving the nation’s health suggests new nutrition study

AS GOVERNMENT data confirms that obesity will cost the UK more than £27 billion by 2015, a new project conducted among employees at Gatwick Airport and published in Complete Nutrition reveals that workplace interventions really can make a positive impact on employee health.










Gatwick Airport conducted ...

10 Tips on how to ‘sustainably shake up your business’

ANYONE INVOLVED in foodservice will know how important ‘sustainability’ has become to end-eaters, says Andy Badger of Acquire Services.


To help caterers understand and influence their food offers there has been some new technology developments that help businesses construct and implement Corporate Social Responsibility objectives including CO2 emission and waste reduction.


Specialists in online procurement, Acquire Services Limited, has launched a ...