Best Practice

  • Setting The Green Standard

                      The state of the art training facility HMS Collingwood is claimed to be the most sustainable catering operation in the UK.   VT Flagship Training, under the umbrella of parent company… Read More

  • Sustainable Food and Ecovate

    London’s food and drink industry is one of the greediest carbon consumers. it is responsible for around 11 per cent of all the Co2 emissions produced by the entire commercial sector.   In the United Kingdom, about one third of… Read More

  • Pret A Manger – Fighting Food Waste

    UK-based Pret A Manger (French for ‘Ready To Eat’) sells handmade sandwiches and snacks throughout its chain of over 180 stores.   Since its inception in 1986 food waste has been a primary concern of the business. As all food… Read More

  • Sustainability – MSC and Fish & Kids

    In March 2003, Brakes and specialist business M&J Seafood became the first foodservice suppliers to carry products certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) – specifically accredited to suppliers who meet the MSC standard for sustainable and well managed fisheries.… Read More

  • How Sodexo has Adapted the Established Model of Corporate Responsibility

    As a leading food and facilities management provider, Sodexo employs 43,000 people and manages operations at over 2,300 sites in the UK and Ireland, from large corporations and government agencies to schools, hospitals, the MoD and large high profile events.… Read More

  • The Full Package: How family-run catering business Reynolds is Adapting to Meet European Green Standards

    Some companies are bending over backwards to make sure that their green credentials meet the exacting requirements of new British and European environmental standards. Nowhere is this more clear than family- run catering business Reynolds, which has grown from a… Read More

  • IRT: Intelligent Resource Technology

    Radical New Warewashing Technologies Save Water, Energy, Chemicals – and Costs. Potential is ‘momentous’ says Winterhalter. Winterhalter, the market leader in commercial dish and glass washing, has launched a range of resource-saving technologies under the umbrella of irt (Intelligent Resource… Read More

  • Small Changes Make a Big Difference

    Foodservice Footprint assesses the way in which Brakes, the UK’s leading supplier to the catering industry, is making a difference… Times are a-changing in the foodservice industry with increasing awareness of the pressure we are putting on the environment and… Read More

  • The Three Pillars to Sustainability

    Food companies not only need to be sustainable, they need to be able to demonstrate that they are sustainable – and that particularly includes how they treat the environment. Food miles, packaging, waste streams, recycling, power efficiency, delivery arrangements, ethical… Read More

  • Corporate and social responsibility – Aramark

    Foodservice Footprint talks to one of the leading contract caterers, Aramark, and takes a look at the evolution of its CSR policy – which is now emerging as one of the most ‘inclusive’ in the business….. A new and imaginative… Read More