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  • Foodservice Footprint F42-Reporting Cash in on the climate revolution Green Scene Green Scene  news-email Frances Way CArbon Disclosure Project

    Cash in on the climate revolution

    The landmark Paris Agreement on climate change offers big opportunities for businesses that move fast, writes Frances Way. The low-carbon revolution is here. That’s the message sent to the private sector by the landmark Paris Agreement on climate change, which… Read More

  • Foodservice Footprint F40-p20 Opening shots in a palm oil war Green Scene Green Scene  WWF RSPO news-email Nestlé Mondolez IOI

    Opening shots in a palm oil war

    Suspension from the RSPO has knocked supplier IOI but it’s the kicking from its customers that hurts most – and big food brands kick hard when their sustainability reputation is at risk. The IOI Group’s chief executive officer, Dato’ Lee… Read More

  • Foodservice Footprint Unknown-10 Is your food looking fishy Features Features Green Scene Green Scene Out of Home News Analysis  University of Salford Professor Stefano Mariani news-email FSA food fraud

    Is your food looking fishy

    Evidence shows seafood mislabelling has been tightened up. But there’s still room for improvement in foodservice. Are you getting a raw deal on sushi? Probably not, according to a new analysis of 115 samples of the seafood delicacy at 31… Read More

  • Foodservice Footprint westminster Government not doing enough for sustainable resource management Foodservice News and Information Green Scene Out of Home sector news  Josh Fothergill Institute of Environmental Management Association IEMA circular economy

    Government not doing enough for sustainable resource management

    The UK Government is failing to provide a “joined-up” approach to improve the use of resources, according to a new survey by the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA). The IEMA polled 400 of its members on a number… Read More

  • Buried horse meat

    NO-ONE IN the industry wants to find equine DNA in their lasagnes or burgers again, but the issue hasn’t gone away. One might think the government feels differently.   In December, Professor Chris Elliott published his interim report on the “integrity… Read More

  • Independent sector falling behind the agenda

    THERE’S A very interesting article in this month’s Footprint highlighting that, in the foodservice arena, it is the larger organisations as opposed to the independents that are leading the way when it comes to effecting the big changes in sustainability.… Read More

  • The price of failure

    WRAP IS hoping its shocking study of waste in the hospitality and foodservice sector will be enough to sting businesses into action.                         The Government’s waste advisers at WRAP… Read More

  • The Waste Agenda in 2014

    GILES WHITELEY, CEO of Specialist Waste Recycling crystal ball gazes the 2014 waste agenda   There is nothing like an open question to get the grey cells working, so to arrive back into the office after the Christmas break to… Read More

  • Courtauld Commitment Phase 2 helps delivers £3.1bn in savings

    THE GROCERY sector reduced food and packaging waste by 1.7 million tonnes which equates to 4.8 million tonnes of CO2eq under the Courtauld Commitment Phase 2 agreement. The final results released today from WRAP, show significant progress has been made.… Read More

  • Retailers measure themselves against challenging green targets

    RESPONDING TO results issued by Government waste body WRAP on the second phase of the Courtauld Commitment, the British Retail Consortium (BRC) says that the results demonstrate that retailers have made major strides to cut waste across the supply chain.… Read More