Caterer launches low carbon menus

CATERER VACHERIN is calling for the catering industry to play a vital role in helping to reach the emission reduction targets set by COP21.

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Speaking to Footprint following COP21, Anthony Kingsley, Vacherin’s sustainability and CSR lead, commented, “There appears to be a lack of conversation about food. If we want to get serious about reducing climate change and keeping temperature rises to below the 2˚C mark, we need to significantly reduce GHG emissions in the livestock and agriculture industries.”


As part of Vacherin’s strategy, the company has launched a new marketing campaign designed to raise awareness of how much meat or dairy products can be found in dishes. This hopes to encourage people who want to consciously reduce their intake, signposting more sustainable dining options.


Vacherin will also produce monthly seasonal recipes in its restaurants, along with collectable recipe cards which customers can prepare at home. Each card carries “A Greener Choice” infographic which reveals a portion breakdown by five categories: fruit and vegetables, meat, dairy and eggs, grains and legumes, and lastly, added sugar, oils and alcohol.