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Footprint Sustainability Trends Report 2019

Welcome to the 2019 Footprint Sustainability Trends Report. Its purpose is to help guide internal strategy, enabling readers to identify key trends and opportunities, chart best practice and identify areas in need of urgent attention.

By sharing best practice and highlighting where to direct effort, the Footprint Sustainability Index 2019 provides an up-to-date map to guide foodservice towards a more sustainable future.

This year, we have built upon our six key topics. Supply chain has been widened to become Policy and supply chain. This is to reflect the increasing legislative pressure which ripples along the supply chain, and often requires a collaborative response.

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A brand-new section, Clients and consumers, has emerged. This is to capture the changing dynamic of an age defined by transparency, social media and instant feedback. An age where clients and consumers are becoming active participants in driving strategy and questioning corporate behaviour.

Health and wellbeing has evolved into a vital ongoing priority, rather than a transient trend. This section discusses the key trends, including sustainable diets and the move towards taking more holistic approaches to health.

Never far from the headlines, the Waste section explores the hot button topics of plastics, packaging and food, highlighting some great achievements, but also the need to take considered, rather than soundbite solutions.

The Employees section shines a spotlight on issues such as food poverty, the living wage, Brexit, recruitment and gender for the foodservice workforce.

Last, but certainly not least, the Energy, emissions and natural resources sections have been merged. This section highlights the importance of setting fit for purpose targets to ensure foodservice plays its part in limiting climate change to less than 2ºC.

We hope you enjoy the Footprint Sustainability Trends Report 2019, and that more, importantly, it will help guide your efforts. Tweet us your thoughts @footprintmedia #susttrends.

Amy Fetzer
Head of Research and Analysis
Footprint Intelligence

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