They say the grass is always greener on the other side, and as we start February 2016 perhaps they’re right.

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With the UN Climate Convention a resounding success last November, there could be big things on the horizon for 2016 in the world of sustainability. And where better to start than with our own member achievements here at TUCO.

This month we’re delighted to share with you updates on a number of different campaigns and initiatives which have inspired students, staff and suppliers alike! From Sheffield University’s ‘ReFood’ project to help combat waste, to more members signing up for Marine Stewardship Council workshops and the development of our Supplier Engagement Tool. The New Year has really kick-started with an eco-friendly bang which is vital to keep the green movement running across university sites and through the wider community.

We are always so proud of all the work taking place up and down the country to help drive forward the sustainability agenda within the catering sector. The ongoing effort from members is testament to the collaborative approach across the entire organisation, so a huge well done to everyone so far