Future Fish – M&J Seafood and Marriott Hotels working together to protect tomorrow

In 2010 Marriott International introduced a global sustainable seafood programme Future Fish, with the aim of selecting and serving seafood available from sustainable sources. The programme was launched to provide information and guidance on the responsible procurement of seafood in the hotels.


In the UK, Marriott has a ten year relationship with seafood supplier M&J Seafood and has been working with them over the last 18 months to ensure that all the hotels embrace the Future Fish programme on their menus.  The goal is for all Marriott properties in the UK to be using sustainably sourced fish by 2012.


As part of the initiative, M&J Seafood is working with the hotel chefs to discuss changes to menus and provide viable alternative species.  For example in 2011, the Marriott Park Lane restaurant removed smoked eel from the menu, as the species had become endangered.  In its place, sustainable award-winning dishes such as lemon sole are becoming new guest favourites.


Simon Beaumont, Europe Director of Culinary, Marriott International commented: “M&J Seafood has been supplying our UK hotels for over 10 years.  We share the same values and aspirations when it comes to protecting fish and seafood for future generations. Through a sincere concern for the environment and future of local fishing communities, and a desire for an uninterrupted supply of excellent quality seafood, we strive to select and serve seafood from available sustainable sources.”


“M&J Seafood’s knowledge and understanding of sustainable fish and seafood is second to none.  That’s why we work together to plan menus and to ensure we create dishes with sustainable and ethically sourced fish.”


“As fish accounts for 40% of our restaurant business, we have a duty to help secure a future for the fish we prepare in our restaurants and event spaces.  Raising awareness internally and externally, and fostering partnerships with guests and suppliers in line with the principles of the Future Fish programme will help us achieve our aims.”