Grocery Footprint: Issue 1

Welcome to our new magazine


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It’s no secret that sustainability in the food industry has to be a long-term commercial goal. However, in the current era, it is sometimes difficult to square

sustainable ambition with commercial reality. With Grocery Footprint our objective is to untangle the environmental, social and economic issues that affect the day-to-day management of your supply chains. In our first issue, for instance, we tackle the minefield that is ethical labelling, the controversial introduction of a supermarket Adjudicator and the future of the ‘Change4Life’ programme given the cuts in funding. There are also regular features: ‘The Next Green Thing’ will flag up issues just under the radar, while ‘Peer Panel’ will tackle the most pressing issues facing the grocery trade. As I see it, our job is to present the arguments and facts as they stand; these can then be used to create a platform for debate (watch this space for more details on our Footprint Forums). We can also bring you best practice from those who are also pursuing full sustainability. Mind you, we won’t be afraid to challenge initiatives either – ‘greenwash’ won’t wash with us.


Much like your sustainability programmes, our project is a work in progress. We want you to see the magazine as a valuable resource, a voice for progress in the sector and a medium for discussing the challenges we face going forward. So, please do get in touch with your first impressions – good or bad.

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