Foodservice Footprint Aerial-shot-of-the-9212-solar-pannels-on-top-of-Zoeterwoude-brewery Heineken announces that Sol is now brewed using solar energy Best Practice

Heineken announces that Sol is now brewed using solar energy

Since April 2020, Sol brewed at Zoeterwoude in the Netherlands has been produced using renewable energy from solar power, reaffirming the brand’s sun-inspired heritage and marking an important milestone in the brand’s journey to reduce its carbon footprint.

With the installation of 9,212 solar panels at Zoeterwoude, Sol is making a step-change towards more sustainable brewing and another achievement in HEINEKEN’s Brewing a Better World sustainable development strategy. By harnessing the sun’s positive energy and infusing it into its production process, Sol is creating a whole new way for people to Taste the Sun.

To mark this achievement, Sol unveiled a new sustainability approach on its packaging, Brewed with Solar Energy. From the UK, to Australia, South Africa, Germany, Finland, Spain and the Netherlands, consumers across more than 50 markets will have access to the sunshine beer brewed at Zoeterwoude brewery, where the electricity used for brewing is 100% powered by the sun.

Diederik Vos, Sol Global Brand Director at Heineken said: “As the brand’s name suggests, Sol is all about the sun and aims to inspire people to connect to the positive energy that comes from it. Brewed with Solar Energy is a great way to reinforce our authentic, longstanding connection to the sun, while taking care of the planet and its people. It is our responsibility to conduct business in a way that can be a positive force for change and to provide people with a product that fits increasingly sustainable-minded preferences.”

Annually, the brewery generates an excess of solar energy that is enough to power around 300 homes for over a month. Heineken directs this energy into the public power grid for the neighbouring community to benefit from as well.

Brewing Sol using solar power supports Heinken’s sustainable development strategy, Brewing a Better World, which aims to increase the share of renewable energy in production to 70% by 2030.