Hospitality industry ‘worst waste offenders’

ACCORDING TO NEW research, up to 50% of bars and restaurants in the UK could be failing to properly recycle their waste.


Research carried out by waste management service provider, shows that restaurants, bars and nightclubs are the ‘worst in the industrial and services sector’ for recycling their waste.


The waste management practices of 500 business across the UK were looked at and it was found that at least 30% of restaurants were incorrectly sorting waste.


It is estimated that this figure could actually be as high as 50% due to ‘unprofessional’ local waste management firms who not supplying businesses with advice about waste were going to landfill.


This research comes just days after the Sustainable Restaurant Association published a report that showed that food waste was one of the top concerns that consumers wanted restaurants to focus on.


The report also showed that diners would be willing to pay more at establishments that demonstrated a credible sustainability track record.


Mark Hall, Commercial Director for commented: “It’s no real mystery why this sector is the worst at recycling.”

“A drive for lower staff costs means that corners are often cut, and that means pubs, clubs and restaurants tend to send the majority of their refuse for general waste.”


“Day in, day out our operators see bins full of unsorted rubbish from food and drink establishments that could quite easily be recycled. Instead it’s heading for landfill,” he added.