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Hospitality wants tougher plastics laws

More than eight out of 10 (85%) hospitality businesses consider themselves sustainable, yet almost half don’t have specific corporate social responsibility (CSR) targets in place.

Of those that have set targets, reducing waste is the most popular (81%), followed by energy efficiency (65%). Working with sustainable suppliers (64%), cutting consumption of single-use plastics (61%) and increasing the use of local produce (59%) make up the top five ambitions.

The figures, compiled by Brita Professional, also showed that 57% of the 355 businesses surveyed are banning plastics straws, whilst 53% are working with suppliers to source fully recyclable packaging and 33% are offering refills rather than plastic bottles. One in four (25%) has a discount in place for customers that bring refillable bottles or reusable cups.

Three in four firms are supportive of taxes on single use plastics, and the same number want government to go further than the proposals published so far.

Brita’s research also found that cost is the biggest barrier to sustainability, with over 40% of companies finding it a challenge.