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Inaugural Footprint Sustainability Index – 2016 Trends Report

It gives us huge pleasure to present the inaugural Footprint Sustainability Index.

In many ways, Footprint has been the catalyst for shifting sustainability efforts in foodservice and hospitality; giving best practice a platform and context whilst highlighting areas requiring attention. Our industry has arguably, in parts, upped the ante on responsible business practice more than many other sectors but there is still a long way to go. Corporate sustainability is often a case of two steps forward and three steps back; food fraud, the redundant Public Health Responsibility Deal, soya, water, palm oil, GM all spring to mind.

Our objective with the Footprint Sustainability Index is to chart where we have come from, what we have achieved, to identify the areas of the market pulling their weight and those falling behind; but most importantly highlighting where the opportunities to make a difference are going forward. The question is: will your business be making a difference?

The Footprint Sustainability Index 2016 is an ongoing project. The index element aims to chart our progress across the board starting from now. This painstaking research has effectively created a playing field. We will now be able to chart our ongoing progress in some areas, and perhaps our regress in others. It will be the barometer for the industry to work with; a bible of best practice forecasting trends and giving business leaders insight into hot opportunities for strengthening their business and gaining competitive advantage.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank Bidvest Foodservice and for supporting this project. Without the backing of forward-sighted organisations, this project would have fallen at the first hurdle. We would also like to thank the people and organisations from across foodservice who generously shared facts, figures and insights throughout the interviewing and research process.


We hope you enjoy reading the Footprint Sustainability Index – Trends Report and we hope you will enjoy acting upon it. Please do let us know your thoughts. Tweet us @footprintmedia #sustindex