Foodservice Footprint Issue 1 – Spring 2008

Green, that contemporary concept of iconic status, has become both the buzzword and one of the most widely talked about subjects of our time. Climate change and global warming have never before featured so much in both the public’s consciousness and in the media. However, this is only just filtering through to Foodservice – ironically an industry to which this subject is almost more applicable than any other.


There is good evidence that environmental issues are becoming key to purchasing decisions in both the commercial and domestic sectors. Furthermore, it’s now becoming a requirement for businesses to demonstrate what they are doing to reduce their impact on our environment through carbon offsetting.


Many businesses view topics such as ecology, environment, carbon footprint, food miles, organic, sustainability, traceability, provenance and bio-dynamics as either clever marketing strategies or as faddist theories to be treated to the minimum of lip service. There are others, however, who understand that the customer is increasingly environmentally aware and keen to be associated with similarly conscientious organisations.


The purpose of Foodservice Footprint is to create a transparency to these topics and help businesses to effectively reduce and manage their carbon footprint by learning from the experiences of others. Our intention is not to preach, but to inform. Our objective is to create a reference point for businesses wishing to keep abreast of the latest initiatives, both in the United Kingdom and overseas.


Foodservice Footprint will address the environmental implications of all aspects of the foodservice process from farm to fork and is aimed at every provider of food out of home. Sommeliers will be able to read about bio-dynamic and organic wines, F&B Managers can read about the latest artisan producers and Chefs can read about sustainability, traceability, local sourcing and provenance. In addition, Operations Managers can read about the latest energy saving technology, be it for the warehouse, the kitchen or distribution.


In simple terms Foodservice Footprint will consolidate and qualify all Green issues to all spheres of the industry and, being solely dedicated to this cause rather than merely committing to a few articles, will be driving the enlightenment and transparency more than any other publication in the sector.


We hope you will find the content of this magazine to be informative, educational and, occasionally entertaining and would encourage you to contact us with your own experiences so that others may share in them.

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