London restaurants set to fuel power plant

COOKING OIL from London restaurants is to be turned into energy for sewage works and homes in a deal worth £200m.


Cooking waste from thousands of London’s eateries and food businesses is to help fuel, what’s claimed to be the world’s biggest fat fuelled power station.


Oil and fats that congest the capital’s sewers is costing £1m a month by causing and estimated 40,000 blockages. 30 tonnes of leftover cooking oil supplies are produced every day and will be collected from restaurants and food manufacturers, which is more than half needed to run the power plant.


The energy generated from fats and oils will be channelled to help run a major sewage works and desalination plant as well as supplying the National Grid under plans announced by Thames Water and 2OC.


The plant is set to to produce 130 Gigawatt hours (GWh) a year of renewable electricity. The power generated is enough to power 40,000 homes. The deal has enabled the building  of the £70m plant in Beckton due to be operational in early 2015.