Nicki Fisher: Pret A Manger’s head of sustainability

THE SUSTAINABILITY landscape significantly shifted in 2013 around provenance of food in particular thanks to the horse meat scandal… Strangely enough the whole debacle has done us a favour now customers and consumers are being inquisitive about the supply chain of the food they’re eating. It has served to tighten the value chain and educate the public.

Foodservice Footprint Nicki-fisher-charity-pic-199x300 Nicki Fisher: Pret A Manger's head of sustainability Intelligence  Pret A Manger Pret Nicki Fisher














In 2014 I believe the emphasis will continue to be around food provenance as well as further focus on food waste. With the increase of food banks and people fighting for reduced food in supermarkets (reported only yesterday). It will become increasingly unacceptable to waste food based on either aesthetics or best before dates.


Sustainability will continue to climb up the agenda for businesses but Government will need to take a longer view…this isn’t the case at the moment. Much more needs to be done to combat climate change at policy making level; businesses can’t be expected to do it all. Business is leading the sustainability agenda and we need to see more joined up thinking.