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Pigs, eggs and poultry get new group

AN ALL PARTY Group for pigs, eggs and poultry has been set up to represent the industries in parliament.

The new group, chaired by Conservative MP for Tiverton and Honiton, Neil Parish, will help raise the profile of the many complex issues facing the sectors.

The Group will officially start a programme of regular meetings in September, following the summer recess.

The Group will be busy, with each of the sectors facing a number of challenges.

New European regulations around egg production came into force in January. While British farmers invested to £400m to convert facilities to meet the requirements, many European countries didn’t, which led to concerns over cheap, illegal eggs being imported. In March, the Government banned these eggs from being bought.

In January next year, new regulations for pork producers come in to force, and again there are fears that some European countries won’t be ready. However, caterers have promised to sell only legal pork produced to the new standards.

“Pork, poultry meat and eggs are part of the staple diet and I am proud that we produce some of the finest meat and eggs produced to the highest animal welfare standards in the world. But the industries are not without their challenges,” said Parish.

“Group will champion British produce in Parliament and ensure that the pig, egg and poultry sectors go from strength to strength.”

Speaking on behalf of the British Egg Industry Council, Giles Clifton, head of public affairs, said the sector is “very keen to make sure that the All Party Group is fully informed of all the issues facing the egg industry from the continuing issue of EU non-compliance with the 2012 conventional cage ban, to beak treatment, feed, and many of the other issues that are on the horizon.”

The All Party Group currently has 23 members representing all the major political parties.