Pizza Hut cuts water use with green urinals

A SMALL bio-cap called the Ureco is helping Pizza Hut and RBS to turn off the tap when it comes to water and cash.

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HSG, the developers of the device, say it helps clients such as Pizza Hut and RBS to save thousands of pounds in reduced flushes.


This is because as urine passes through and round the ‘­bio-cap’­, it breaks down salts and lime scale whilst producing a completely harmless and eco-friendly bacterium. The bacteria eliminate the need for strong chemicals and cleaning agents. The Ureco also emits a powerful minty type fragrance which reduces the need for harmful aerosols and air fresheners.


According to HSG, Pizza Hut has installed the Ureco in 200 of its venues and is now on track to save 74.4 million litres and £100,000 per year.