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School head bans energy drinks

Energy drinks have been banned at a school in Scotland after children were found downing the caffeine-enriched products for breakfast.

Melvyn Lynch, head teacher at Forfar Academy, said the drinks are a contributory factor in bad behaviour. In a letter to parents he also warned of the health risks, claiming that consumption can lead to insomnia, headaches and type 2 diabetes.

A report in the Telegraph included details of the letter, in which Lynch highlighted the effect the drinks are having in relation to indiscipline.

Other UK schools have already introduced similar bans. Some EU countries have taken things further. In 2014, Lithuania banned sales of the drinks to under 18s, and Latvia is soon expected to follow suit.

Research in 2013 by the European Food Safety Authority found that the group most likely to consume energy drinks are adolescents.

The energy drinks industry says its products aren’t meant for children and the Food Information to Consumers regulations are enough (these require warnings to be placed in products with more than 150mg per litre).