Sedex launch series of supply chain management films

NOT-FOR-PROFIT organisation Sedex has launched a series of films that tackle key challenges in responsible supply chain management, in response to growing interest in how companies manage their supply chain post-horsegate.


Responsible Sourcing Insights is a series of six short films showcasing how companies and partner organisations can work together to integrate and embed responsible business practices throughout supply chains, to achieve real and lasting change.


Each film features interviews with leading multinationals, suppliers, trade bodies, NGOs and other experts with experience of tackling responsible supply chain challenges.


The films will be released once a fortnight online, and will focus on themes including tackling complexity in multi-tier supply chains, driving transparency to improve standards, big data, collaboration and the future of supply chain management. Whether you are a seasoned supply chain professional – or starting out on your responsible sourcing journey – together these films serve as a comprehensive resource for anyone wanting to scale-up their responsible sourcing programme.


Carmel Giblin, CEO, Sedex said: “We are incredibly excited to launch this informative series of films which form part of Sedex’s new multimedia platform, developed to build understanding and to showcase best practice in responsible supply chain management. Promoting collaboration is key to all that we do at Sedex. We hope our new films will play a leading role in sharing knowledge and facilitating mutual learning.”