Stakeholder Engagement Award sponsored by Essential Cuisine

The award was presented by Essential Cuisine’s Commercial Director Neil Corlett

Foodservice Footprint DCP__130523_6774-300x200 Stakeholder Engagement Award sponsored by Essential Cuisine Green Movers










Stakeholder Engagement is hard to measure and this category is all about the most effective engagement programme aimed at stakeholders both inside and outside of the business. Judges focused on communication plans and execution, demonstrable buy-in, availability, format and channels of engagement, activities and recognition.


Shortlisted Companies for the Stakeholder Engagement Award were:


Café Spice Namaste

The Spirit Pub Company



The Runner Up in this Category, of which one judge said ‘The contributions made by Cyrus and Pervin together towards recognition of ethical living, food sourcing, environmental considerations, training and encouraging craft in the hospitality industry is peerless”, is Café Spice Namaste


The Winners of this year’s Stakeholder Engagement Award for their vehicle of Stakeholder Engagement, the Sustainability Executive is 3663