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    Food chains join forces to cut sugar

    Some of the high street’s biggest food chains have signed up to a series of new health targets including a 20% reduction in sugar by 2020. The alliance, which includes Caffè Nero, Costa, Greggs, McDonald’s and Mitchells & Butlers, has… Read More

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    Sugar tax – reaction

    Last time round it was the national living wage that caught industry chiefs off-guard. This time the Chancellor’s “surprise” was a tax on sugary drinks. Details are sparse at the moment, but what we do know is that soft drinks companies… Read More

  • Is Mexico’s sugar tax working

    THERE’S BEEN a bit of confusion surrounding the impact of this controversial legislation. Here are both sides of the story so far.   YES – Kawther Hashem, nutritionist for Action on Sugar More than 30% of the Mexican population are obese and… Read More

  • Sugar variances uncovered in soft drinks

    SUGAR-SWEETENED soft drinks made for the European market have much less sugar than those sold in other markets. A review of 274 fizzy drinks found that Fanta Orange, for example, has 20 grams less added sugar in the UK (23g/330ml)… Read More

  • Some fruit snacks have more sugar than sweets

    NEW RESEARCH has revealed that 85% of processed fruit snacks contain more sugar per 100g than sweets, such as Haribo Star Mix, even though many parents think the snacks are a healthy choice.              … Read More

  • Report claims to find the truth of hidden sugars in children’s juices

    ACCORDING TO a survey by Action on Sugar on the hidden sugars found in seemingly healthy children’s fruit juices, juice drinks, smoothies – over a quarter of products surveyed (57 of the 203 products) contain the same amount or more sugars… Read More

  • ‘NHS fuelling obesity’ Telegraph investigation reveals fast food outlets operating at hospitals

    AN INVESTIGATION by The Sunday Telegraph has revealed that dozens of fast food restaurants, coffee bars and shops are selling discounted chocolate at hospitals, leading to accusations that the NHS itself fuelling the obesity epidemic in the UK. The Sunday Telegraph… Read More