Carbon Trust

  • Cut energy rather than pull pints

    PUBS ARE being advised to focus their efforts on energy reductions rather than selling more beer if they want profits to rise.                     A little healthy competition never hurt anyone, which… Read More

  • Resting on their laurels

    OVER 80% of restaurants would describe their business as green. But let’s not get carried away.                         Back in 2008, 59% of restaurants felt that their businesses were green.… Read More

  • Businesses must guard against resource scarcity, says Carbon Trust

    THE CARBON TRUST has launched a new report highlighting the need for businesses to urgently assess their reliance on scarce resources in order to future proof against potential limitations.   Business resource challenges such as the increasing scarcity of land, energy,… Read More

  • Carbon Trust recognises business waste reduction success

    THE CARBON Trust has launched an international standard for organisational waste reduction.   The Carbon Trust Waste Standard will be awarded to organisations able to demonstrate that they are measuring, managing and reducing waste year-on-year.   Following the successful completion… Read More

  • Marketing your company and products as green

    CONSUMERS WILL pay more for greener products but are not sure businesses are taking the environment seriously enough.                     A quarter of UK shoppers are prepared to pay more for green… Read More

  • Carbon Trust launches Green Business Directory

    THE CARBON TRUST has launched the Green Business Directory to help businesses source reliable suppliers of energy efficient and low carbon technologies.   The directory comes off the back of a recent survey commissioned by the Carbon Trust that showed… Read More

  • CESA and CEDA join to meet sustainability challenges

    THE TWO leading trade associations representing catering equipment manufacturers and distributors have announced plans to work more closely together to drive down the sector’s carbon footprint.                     CESA, the Catering Equipment… Read More

  • Get staff on board the green bandwagon

    CUTTING RESOURCE use can save vital cash for recession-hit companies but it can’t be done without engaging workers. Industry figures explain how they’ve gone about it.                           Resource… Read More

  • How £90m a year is going up in smoke

    A GROUNDBREAKING study reveals the huge amounts of energy wasted by contract caterers but there are massive savings to be made by companies willing to invest.   It’s seven o’clock in the morning and staff are preparing the kitchens for… Read More

  • Spoiler Alert: How £90m a year is going up in smoke

    IT’S SEVEN o’clock in the morning and staff are preparing the kitchens for the hungry breakfast crowd. The grill goes on ready for a hard morning’s work and won’t be shut down until well past midday. Ovens, hobs, dishwashers, fridges… Read More