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    Rise in fake organic goods

    Europol has warned of a rising number of counterfeit foods, particularly those certified as organic or protected designation of origin (PDO) labels. Of the products detained at external borders in 2015, 7% were foodstuffs, the agency noted in its “2017… Read More

  • Spectre of food fraud haunts the industry

    A YEAR on from his review of the horse-meat scandal, Prof Chris Elliott is impressed with retailers’ reaction but warns that criminals may just have moved on to more vulnerable sectors. Marks & Spencer recently became the latest supermarket to… Read More

  • Can the VW scandal drive businesses to change

    AS THE OWNER of a Seat car with a diesel engine, I’ve been following the whole VW scandal with a mixture of disappointment and concern. But truth be told I am not that surprised at the whole sorry state of… Read More

  • Buried horse meat

    NO-ONE IN the industry wants to find equine DNA in their lasagnes or burgers again, but the issue hasn’t gone away. One might think the government feels differently.   In December, Professor Chris Elliott published his interim report on the “integrity… Read More

  • Horsemeat may still be prevalent in supply chain

    A LABOUR FRONTBENCHER has suggested that thousands of tonnes of horsemeat may have entered the food supply chain in the three year’s prior to 2013’s food crisis.   Mary Creagh, who was Labour’s environment secretary at the time of the… Read More