Climate Change

  • Cows, coffee and COP 21

    DESPITE A CANCELLED climate march, COP 21 in Paris has started strongly amid tight security. Countries are keen to show their commitment with 150 world leaders, such as Cameron, Obama and Merkel, turning up to show their support. Europe is… Read More

  • Temperatures to rise one degree

    CLIMATE CHANGE triggered by temperatures warming by four degrees will put 5.9 million UK residents at risk from rising sea levels. A two-degree rise will threaten 3.9 million people. The findings, published by Climate Central, come as the UK’s Met… Read More

  • Voluntary agreements won’t deliver food security

    FOOD BUSINESSES want more regulation to help them tackle issues linked to sustainability, including food security.                   In their research for a new report, published today, WWF and the Food Ethics Council… Read More

  • New study narrows the gap between climate models and reality

    A NEW study led by a University of York scientist addresses an important question in climate science: how accurate are climate model projections?                       Climate models are used to estimate… Read More

  • Climate change will have far reaching effects on UK agriculture, say Hutton scientists

    WITH 2014 reported as the warmest year since records began, continuing a strong trend in recent years, we ignore the implications for agriculture in the UK in the medium to long term at our peril.          … Read More

  • Buildings and infrastructure ill-prepared for changing climate

    THE RESILIANCE of transport networks, homes, hospitals and water supplies in England need to be enhanced to counter the more frequent and severe flooding and heatwaves that can be expected in future. This is the key finding of a new… Read More

  • Developed countries must stop exporting climate change

    WWF HAS called on developed countries to clean up their act for good by immediately and publicly committing to end all forms of export credit support for coal. This call comes as the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)… Read More

  • A new natural environment

    RECENT STORMS have opened up opportunities to think creatively about living with environmental uncertainty, says Professor Robert Tregay.                           Climate change is natural and continuing. Unpredictability and extreme… Read More

  • Climate Change to affect food security

    THE UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has published its latest study reporting that the impact of climate change will be felt most keenly in Africa, South America and Asia predicting droughts, food shortages and a rise in diseases… Read More

  • Let’s take the lead on climate change

    EXTREME WEATHER is an increasing threat to global food production but strong leadership was lacking from politicians at the UN climate conference. Foodservice now has a chance to set the agenda, says David Read.            … Read More