Consumer Price Index

  • Foodservice to get accurate price index

    FOODSERVICE OPERATORS will be able to access more relevant information on food price trends from December 2015. The Foodservice Price Index (FPI) has been developed as a more accurate and relevant alternative to the government’s Consumer Price Index (CPI). CPI data… Read More

  • Falling oil prices help to keep food costs down

    AS THE PRICE of a barrel of oil falls to under $50 the global financial industry is preparing for further deflationary activity such as lower food prices which could offer a huge boost to the out of home market.  … Read More

  • Food inflation rates to continue to beat Consumer Price Index

    CHICKEN AND pork prices expected to drop, but food inflation rates are to continue to beat CPI rates as it eases slightly from 4.4% to 3.8% in 2014.                 Prestige Purchasing, procurement specialist… Read More

  • Monthly market insight

    Christopher Clare, Prestige Purchasing’s head of insight gives Footprint the first in a series of quick walkthrough guides in the world of food and drink supply markets.   Overview CPI (Consumer Price Index) is up 0.2% compared to last month… Read More