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    End of sugar quotas bad for obesity

    Health campaigners have suggested that scrapping the EU’s sugar quota regime could undermine the tax on sugar-sweetened drinks. Defra and the EU’s agriculture ministers are “gung-ho” for the new sugar regime, which will see quotas scrapped, said Tam Fry from… Read More

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    Food law in a post-Brexit world

    The vote means massive uncertainty for an industry dominated by EU rules, but it also brings big opportunities. By Dominic Watkins. For an industry that is almost 100% regulated by EU laws, the impact of Brexit could be substantial. Of course, my… Read More

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    Behind the Headlines: Tesco’s farm fudge

    The supermarket’s refresh of its fresh produce ranges using ‘fake’ farms has left a sour taste, but it won’t last for long, says David Burrows. Poor old Tesco: just when it seems to have come up with a decent idea,… Read More

  • Briefing: Do we need antibiotic-free labels on food?

    WITH THE OVERUSE of medicine linked to the rise of MRSA, pressure is mounting on the food industry to act. Experts give their view.                     New investigation An investigation by the Guardian… Read More