Farmers Weekly

  • Is the time ripe for GM crops

    EUROPE IS ploughing a lone furrow free of genetically modified foods, but are politicians to blame and do consumers deserve a choice?               In 2003 Farmers Weekly ran a cover story and five-page analysis… Read More

  • Farm power key to future UK energy supply

    UK FARMS could be a major player in a shift towards a resilient, low-carbon energy system, according to an important report launched today by the Farm Power coalition.                        … Read More

  • Make hay from sunshine

    THE REST of the food industry should follow farmers’ lead when it comes to cashing in on renewable energy argues Carl Benfield.                         Farmers have gobbled up the opportunity… Read More

  • Women say farming is a top career choice

    FARMING IS a great career choice for women, with many hugely positive about the benefits it would offer as a career, according to the results of a nationwide survey commissioned by Farmers Weekly and Barclays, which reveals 91% of women… Read More

  • Confusion over GM-free soya availability

    DEBATE CONTINUES to rage over whether there is enough GM-free soya available for the UK’s poultry market.   Earlier this week, four leading supermarkets announced that they have removed requirements for their poultry suppliers to use only GM-free feed, largely… Read More

  • Scientists consider new GM wheat trial

    THE INTEREST around genetically modified (GM) crops is continuing to rise with reports that scientists at Rothamsted are mulling over a proposal to apply for permission to replicate its GM trial of wheat plants engineered to repel aphids.   Farmers… Read More