Kawther Hashem

  • Is Mexico’s sugar tax working

    THERE’S BEEN a bit of confusion surrounding the impact of this controversial legislation. Here are both sides of the story so far.   YES – Kawther Hashem, nutritionist for Action on Sugar More than 30% of the Mexican population are obese and… Read More

  • Some fruit snacks have more sugar than sweets

    NEW RESEARCH has revealed that 85% of processed fruit snacks contain more sugar per 100g than sweets, such as Haribo Star Mix, even though many parents think the snacks are a healthy choice.              … Read More

  • Charlton House makes more salt cuts two years ahead of target

    OVER 1,500 foods hit new salt reduction targets as business delivers on Government Public Health Responsibility Deal Pledge.                       On the first anniversary of its commitment to the Government’s 2017… Read More