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    Sugar tax go ahead and new advertising rules

    The government took a big step towards implementation of a tax on sugar-sweetened drinks this week by including draft legislation in its Finance Bill. The new levy will be applied in two rates: a lower one for added sugar drinks… Read More

  • Little nudges make a big push

    FOODSERVICE BUSINESSES can take a lesson from giants like Coke and Asda in encouraging consumers to make healthier choices.                           In 2010 the top 10 UK food manufacturers… Read More

  • Nutrition trends going wrong way

    THE GOVERNMENT has published its annual “Family Food” survey, which campaigners say shows worrying trends in terms of nutrition.   The survey provides statistics on food purchases by type of food and also estimates of nutrient content.   Most concerning… Read More

  • ‘The Obesity Games’

    JUNK FOOD brands should be excluded from sponsoring sporting events, according to the Children’s Food Campaign.     London 2012 sponsors attacked in new report   In a hard-hitting new report, the campaigning group claims that the power of corporate… Read More