Owen Paterson

  • The political print

    THE EUROPEAN Commission is not known for its ability to unite public opinion and sure enough it was at its divisive best in November with the decision to scrap its most senior scientific position, that of chief scientific adviser (CSA).… Read More

  • The Political Print

    IT’S ALWAYS easier to promise when you’re in opposition: just ask Nick Clegg, or for that matter David Cameron.                       The latter used his four minutes at the UN climate… Read More

  • Footprint Forum Report: City living is under threat

    CLIMATE CHANGE poses a real risk to the world’s growing urban populations, according to experts gathered at Footprint Forum.                     The sight recently of athletes running the Beijing marathon wearing gasmasks… Read More

  • ‘Scrap Climate Act’ says former Environment Secretary

    IN A SPEECH to the Global Warming Policy Foundation the former Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson, claimed that the government’s green polices were ‘fatally flawed’ and that scrapping the Climate Change Act could be the answer to ‘keeping the lights on’.… Read More

  • GM free-for-all

    CHANGES TO European laws and a labelling battle in the US have brought GM back in the spotlight. But will freedom to choose boost organic sales?                 There’s rarely a dull moment in… Read More

  • Cameron reshuffles Conservative cabinet

    DAVID CAMERON has announced his biggest reshuffle in the conservative office which sees Elizabeth Truss take over as Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs from Owen Patterson.                    … Read More

  • Cameron urged to give Paterson the boot

    HUNDREDS OF wellington boots have been dumped on the steps of the Department of the Environment this morning by Friends of the Earth, which is calling on the Prime Minister to “Give Owen Paterson the boot” because of his failure… Read More

  • The political print

    IT’S BEEN four years since the coalition promised to become the “greenest government ever”.                      Hindsight is a wonderful thing and a lot has changed. It has gone from that statement… Read More

  • The political print

    ONE OF THE great challenges in formulating a national food strategy is to marry economic realities with environmental and social aspirations.                             So three cheers for Wales,… Read More

  • NFU backs Great British Beef Week

    IN CELEBRATION of this weeks Great British Beef Week, the National Farmers Union (NFU) is calling for more people to eat British beef.                           Currently, the UK is… Read More