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    The Review

    Meat cuts, food fraud and dodgy palm oil. Sustainable diets: Three cheers for Holland The Netherlands’ Nutrition Centre has updated its dietary advice and has B advised a halving of meat consumption, to 500g per week. No more than 300g of… Read More

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    Palm oil performance decent (apart from PepsiCo)

    None of the world’s major food brands can yet guarantee that their palm oil is not linked to deforestation. An analysis of 14 global consumer goods companies by Greenpeace found that most are moving “far too slowly”. PepsiCo, which makes… Read More

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    Green scene news analysis

    Chucked chicken, meat cuts and Indonesia in flames….. Finger-licking faux pas Reading the KFC website it appears that the Colonel has got this food waste issue licked. Products are withdrawn from sale after 60 to 90 minutes, leaving about three… Read More

  • RSPO adds no deforestation criteria for palm oil

    THE ROUNDTABLE on Sustainable Palm Oil has finally agreed to add a “no deforestation” commitment to its standards pertaining to sustainable production. RSPO Next, as it’s been badged, will be a voluntary addendum covering the claims of “No Deforestation, No… Read More

  • Palm oil progress uncertain

    UK IMPORTS OF sustainable palm oil may be as high as 93%, or as low as 72%, according to 2014 data released by DEFRA. The former figure is calculated from EU data, whilst the latter is from Oil World statistics.… Read More

  • Starbucks under fire on palm oil

    ALMOST 280,000 people have signed a petition calling for coffee chain Starbucks to use more sustainable palm oil. “What’s most remarkable about Starbucks’ lack of progress on palm oil is that it’s in stark contrast to the company’s work on… Read More

  • McDonald’s pledge to zero deforestation

    ON TUESDAY, global fast food chain McDonald’s launched an 8-point plan to eliminate deforestation across its supply chain.                     The multinational’s global commitment to source sustainable beef, pulp and paper packaging,… Read More

  • EU imports almost a quarter of illegal agricultural goods

    A NEW STUDY suggests that almost a quarter of agricultural goods, produced on illegally deforested land, are imported by the EU.                   The report was commissioned by Fern, a non-governmental organisation which… Read More

  • FDF launches sustainable palm oil guide for food & drink

    A NEW guide has been launched to support and encourage food and drink manufacturers on sustainable use of the world’s most widely used vegetable oil.                     The Food and Drink Federation… Read More

  • Mars to join sustainable palm oil commitment

    MARS HAS announced its new policy to help build a fully sustainable palm oil supply chain by the end of this year. The company has also pledged to focus on other raw materials that have an impact on the environment… Read More