Prince of Wales

  • HRH The Prince of Wales celebrates landmark moment for hospital food

    HRH THE Prince of Wales today hosted a reception, which celebrated improvements in hospital food in England.   Providing good, nutritious hospital food for patients has been highlighted in newly-published key guidance (known as CQUINs) for NHS commissioners and hospitals… Read More

  • Prince of Wales launches sustainability network for CFO’s

    THE PRINCE OF Wales has launched a leadership network for CFOs from some of the leading businesses across Europe.   Established by the The Prince of Wales’ Accounting for Sustainability Project the aim of the network is to embed environmental… Read More

  • A right Royal rollicking

    PRINCE CHARLES has attacked the food industry and the “aggressive search for cheap food”.   In a speech at the Langenburg Forum on Regional Food Security in Germany, he said: “The drive to make food cheaper for consumers and to… Read More

  • Fish reform creates buzz

    IN THE NEXT few months there will be a lot of noise about fish. The Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) is being reformed and businesses, environmental groups and celebrity chefs will be ramping up their efforts to lobby for a “robust” reform… Read More