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    Food Fraud Footprint Forum: five things we learned

    Footprint’s pre-Christmas forum “Food authenticity in foodservice: risk and regulation” in association with Leatherhead Food showed the industry has some catching up to do if it wants to stay one step ahead of criminals working in the supply chain. Here… Read More

  • Foodservice Footprint Saddle-burger-e1652354611623 Analysis: Industry must speak out against supply chain sinners Out of Home News Analysis  Professor Chris Elliott NFCU news-email National Food Crime Unit Horsegate food fraud Andy Morling

    Analysis: Industry must speak out against supply chain sinners

    It’s a little over three years since the horsemeat scandal sent shockwaves through the food industry. But for all that ‘horsegate’ did to raise awareness of food crime, are businesses really doing everything they can to help stamp out deliberate… Read More

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    Fishy goings on in foodservice

    Mislabelling of supermarket fish has fallen dramatically thanks to regulation, media pressure and industry collaboration. The news is less positive for catering. Mislabelling in supermarkets has been cut to levels that might be expected through human error alone. A team… Read More

  • From the horses mouth

    THE LONG-awaited review into the horse-meat scandal has made a series of recommendations that foodservice businesses ignore at their peril.                           The horse-meat scandal may be nearly two… Read More

  • Elliott Review: Create a food crime unit

    THE MUCH anticipated interim report on food supply chains, commissioned in the wake of the horsemeat scandal, has been made public after months of research.   The Government-backed review of Britain’s food system has revealed global weaknesses throughout the supply… Read More

  • Have you been caught out?

    FIRST IT was horse burgers, now it is fish fraud. Foodservice companies need to ask some tough questions of their suppliers.                           There’s rarely a dull moment when… Read More