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    £86.4 billion spent on catering

    Defra has published a snapshot of the UK’s food and farming industry. The new infographic shows that 71% of land is used for producing food, with the country currently 76% self-sufficient in home-grown food (this is higher than this study… Read More

  • In a flap

    AS SUPERMARKETS face pressure to clean up their act in the wake of the dirty chicken scandal, is it time for the government to step in?                         Thank goodness… Read More

  • New report calls for changes to the UK food and farming policy

    THE FOOD Ethics Council, Soil Association and Compassion in World Farming have collaborated with seven other UK organisations to produce a report which challenges the government’s current UK food and farming policy.                … Read More

  • Quarter of public have cut back on meat in the last year

    READY MEALS, and processed meat off the menu as generational shift in British diet becomes evident. 25% of British public say they are eating less meat than a year ago 34% are willing to consider eating less meat One in… Read More

  • FootprintFeature: Salt, Sugar, Sweat

    WITH MASSIVE sponsorship from fast food companies and a veil of secrecy covering alternative catering, London 2012 was quickly titled ‘the junk food Olympics’. But was that an accurate moniker, and could it actually have a positive outcome?   Long… Read More