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  • Seasonality from a technical perspective

    HAVING A sourcing plan is so important when dealing with fresh produce, because without it we leave too much to chance.                           Our procurement and technical teams agree… Read More

  • The changing face of seasonal production…

    WHEN YOU wander around a supermarket or browse through the menu options at your local restaurant, you may well be forgiven for forgetting that seasonality exists. Produce can now be provided to consumers all year round – with the option to… Read More

  • End of the ‘supercycle’?

    THIS ARTICLE appeared in Reynolds’ in-house magazine The Marketplace. Cast your mind back fourteen years to the year 2000. Politicians were getting grief about excessive spending on the Millennium Dome, and IT managers everywhere were finally able to relax having… Read More

  • Back to the future

    “THERE’S A way to do it better – find it,” said prolific inventor, Thomas Edison, the man credited with inventing the light bulb, among other things.                         His approach… Read More

  • Waste not, want not…

    THEY MUST have been pretty wise in the eighteenth century. Not only did the 1700s see the invention of the steam engine, the threshing machine and the start of the industrial revolution, but it is also thought to be when… Read More