Tom Delay

  • Businesses must guard against resource scarcity, says Carbon Trust

    THE CARBON TRUST has launched a new report highlighting the need for businesses to urgently assess their reliance on scarce resources in order to future proof against potential limitations.   Business resource challenges such as the increasing scarcity of land, energy,… Read More

  • Carbon Trust recognises business waste reduction success

    THE CARBON Trust has launched an international standard for organisational waste reduction.   The Carbon Trust Waste Standard will be awarded to organisations able to demonstrate that they are measuring, managing and reducing waste year-on-year.   Following the successful completion… Read More

  • The Next Green Thing: The resource crunch

    THE ONGOING series of The Next Green Thing looks at the upward pressure of energy prices and what companies need to do to make better use of the resources they have.   Brutally exposed   Twice in three years Russia… Read More