• News review

    COP21, CADBURY’S pays no corp tax, low carbon farming, Britons eat record treats, Dad’s diet effects unborn kids and call for “responsible use of antibiotics” labelling   COP21 close to agreement   After long negotiations and late nights, there is… Read More

  • Temperatures to rise one degree

    CLIMATE CHANGE triggered by temperatures warming by four degrees will put 5.9 million UK residents at risk from rising sea levels. A two-degree rise will threaten 3.9 million people. The findings, published by Climate Central, come as the UK’s Met… Read More

  • Big firms obstructing climate policy

    FORTY-FIVE of the 100 largest global industrial companies have recently been involved in directly advocating against climate policy, whilst simultaneously pushing their own sustainability credentials.                     The figures have been published… Read More

  • The clock is ticking

    IT’S JUST over 12 months until an international climate agreement will be thrashed out in Paris. The preambles in New York last month offered nothing new other than hope.                      … Read More

  • EU is running an ecological deficit, says new Living Planet Report

    A CONTINUOUSLY rising demand for natural resources and increasing levels of CO₂ in the atmosphere by a growing population are putting tremendous pressures on our planet’s biodiversity, and are threatening our future security, health and well-being, reveals the 2014 edition of… Read More

  • Oceans crucial for our climate, food and nutrition

    BETTER MANAGEMENT of the world’s ocean resources is crucial to ensuring food global security, the FAO said during a roundtable discussion with United States Secretary of State John Kerry.               The event, “Our Ocean: Next Steps… Read More

  • Climate Change to affect food security

    THE UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has published its latest study reporting that the impact of climate change will be felt most keenly in Africa, South America and Asia predicting droughts, food shortages and a rise in diseases… Read More

  • Let’s take the lead on climate change

    EXTREME WEATHER is an increasing threat to global food production but strong leadership was lacking from politicians at the UN climate conference. Foodservice now has a chance to set the agenda, says David Read.            … Read More

  • Half of all food produced is wasted

    UP TO A “staggering” two billion tonnes of all food produced ends up as waste.   A new report, entitled “Global Food; waste not, want not”, published by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers has found that as much as 50%… Read More

  • Doha: Progress or Failure?

    ENVIRONMENTAL GROUPS have reacted angrily to the “failure” that was the Doha climate talks, while the UK Government has called the agreement “a step forward”. Most agree, however, that the progress was modest, with a mismatch between the scale and… Read More