• RPC joins SAVE FOOD initiative

    RPC, THE leading rigid plastic packaging manufacturer, has joined the SAVE FOOD initiative to highlight and fight global food loss and waste.                     The SAVE FOOD campaign was set up as… Read More

  • Food waste report reveals high levels of fresh produce wastage down to aesthetics

    A NEW food waste report has shown that up to two-fifths of fruit or vegetables is wasted because they are ‘ugly’.   Fresh produce grown in the UK that does not meet retailer standards on size or shape is often… Read More

  • Rio 2016 launches Sustainability Management Plan

    THE ORGANISING COMMITTEE for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games this week presented its Sustainability Management Plan, as it starts to integrate sustainability best practice into planning and operations.   The launch was marked by the signing of a technical cooperation… Read More

  • Global campaign to cut “foodprint”

    RESTAURANTS, PUBS and hotels are being encouraged to limit menu choices and introduce flexible portioning as part of a new global campaign to cut food waste.                           Those… Read More

  • UN says climate catastrophe is looming

    GOVERNMENT’S ARE falling far short of their commitment to keep global average temperature rise below the accepted 2°C goal, putting the world on the brink of climate catastrophe.                 The UN Environment Program’s… Read More

  • Food security increasingly difficult

    UN report concludes that environmental issues must be at forefront of food security goals THE AIM of achieving food security across the globe will become increasingly elusive unless countries factor the planet’s nature-based services into agricultural and related planning, a… Read More