Waste Watch

  • Waste watch: Salad dodgers

    86% OF takeaway salads chucked in the bin; a revolution in use-by dates and another in booking services that could both dramatically cut waste.                     Almost every bagged salad offered by… Read More

  • Waste Watch

    WITH FOOD waste apparently now costing the global economy £475 billion (see WasteWatch October), and the food retail chain in the UK about £950 a tonne (see page 22), preventing it has become big business – even for small firms. Take… Read More

  • Shrinking wallets producing expanding waistlines

    WITH FOOD prices on the rise and the UK in tough economic times, consumers have turned to low cost, processed foods, according to a new study.   Britain’s Changing Diet in Difficult Times, compiled by Waste Watch, shows how this… Read More