• Foodservice Footprint Unknown-27 Food fraud fears intensify, new survey suggests Grocery sector news updates  NFU Mutual news-email British Retail Consortium BRC

    Food fraud fears intensify, new survey suggests

    Almost three in four consumers believe there is “an issue” with food fraud in the UK, and one in five (20%) would blame the retailer first. However, only 27% have ever personally experienced at least one issue relating to food… Read More

  • Foodservice Footprint Unknown-14 Spider-Man’s power and sticking up for foodservice. Next Green Thing  Public Health England Michael Gove IGD Ian Wright Footprint Forum FDF BRC BHA Beverley Knight

    Spider-Man’s power and sticking up for foodservice.

    IGD has forecast that the food-to-go market is set to rocket in the next five years. Sales will hit £21.7 billion by 2021, compared with a meagre £16.1 billion this year. There will be more options at supermarkets and garage… Read More

  • Foodservice Footprint Unknown-20 Trick or treat: how the obesity plan changed Out of Home News Analysis  Theresa May Susan Jebb Public Health Responsibility Deal news-email Jamie Oliver Footprint Forum Fintan Hastings Childhood Obesity Strategy British Retail Consortium British Hospitality Association BRC Amanda Ursell

    Trick or treat: how the obesity plan changed

    The childhood obesity strategy was watered down, Theresa May “dismantling” David Cameron’s ambitious plan in no fewer than 36 days. Channel 4’s Dispatches team had been handed a June draft of the plan: “a more ambitious plan that never saw… Read More

  • Foodservice Footprint FPT2014054-300x199 Industry steels itself for Brexit fallout Out of Home News Analysis  NFU news-email Ian Wright Helen Dickinson FDF CAP Brexit BRC BHA

    Industry steels itself for Brexit fallout

    A week has passed since the British public voted to leave the European Union, triggering in the process a political earthquake of epic proportions. Inevitably, perhaps, the fallout from Brexit has thus far been largely dominated by internal party politics,… Read More

  • News review

    Forget ethics, say consumers   HAS YOUGOV managed to deliver the first survey in which consumers have answered honestly in relation to their ethical purchasing habits? The pollster (along with Winkworth Sherwood) found that only 7% of the UK population… Read More

  • Milk crisis comes to our doorsteps

    FARMERS SUFFERING from low prices have so far targeted supermarkets with their protest but foodservice firms can’t afford to ignore the issue, writes David Burrows. The milk crisis has finally spilled over into the foodservice sector. In recent weeks retail… Read More

  • News review

    More sweets at new owner of Morrisons’ Local stores and M&S   Jamie Oliver look away now. The new owner of Morrisons convenience stores has claimed the chain hasn’t turned a profit because it hasn’t been selling enough sweets to… Read More

  • Foodservice hits back on milk prices

    FOODSERVICE COMPANIES have defended their milk procurement practices in the face of criticism from ministers and the British Retail Consortium. However, very few would be willing to publicise the price they paid for a pint. Footprint approached 10 of the… Read More

  • Spectre of food fraud haunts the industry

    A YEAR on from his review of the horse-meat scandal, Prof Chris Elliott is impressed with retailers’ reaction but warns that criminals may just have moved on to more vulnerable sectors. Marks & Spencer recently became the latest supermarket to… Read More

  • ‘Non’ to food waste laws

    CAMPAIGNERS WANT Britain to follow France’s example, but is targeting supermarkets the right tactic? The movement to regulate, or rather eliminate, food waste is gathering momentum. Campaigners, spurred by the introduction of a new law in France, have joined forces to… Read More