Footprint Awards 2011

  • Celebrations for the UK Entrants of the EBAE’s announced

    THE CELEBRATION for the 12 UK Entrants for the European Business Awards will take place on Tuesday the 13th of March between 1400 – 1600 at the Altrium, DEFRA, Nobel House, 17 Smith Square, London SW1P 3JR.      … Read More

  • Footprint Award Winner Greenvale nominated in Pan-European Awards

    GREENVALE AP, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of fresh potatoes is one of only 12 companies selected from across the UK and nominated for the European Business Awards for the Environment     Following Footprint’s RSA accreditation the entrants… Read More

  • Foodservice Footprint Issue 11 – May 2011

    Which would you choose: a voluntary initiative with you all working together to achieve change; or tighter regulation that forces change? It’s a tough call. This Government has certainly nailed its (two) colours to the ‘voluntary’ mast. And the Responsibility… Read More

  • Carbon management student applies himself at Nestlé

    FOOTPRINT AWARDS make a genuine difference. The legacy is one of the most important aspects of the initiative. As well as involving students throughout the process, Category Sponsors have the opportunity to take on a Post Graduate Environmental Sustainability Student,… Read More

  • Neil Stephens Nestle Professional Footprint Awards

    Neil Stephens from Nestle Professional talks about consumer awareness of environmental and sustainability “out of home” and the effects that this will have on the foodservice industry. Neil also reflects on how the foodservice sector can achieve reductions in environmental… Read More