What is Footprint Forum

Footprint Forum is a membership body that meets to discuss environmental, social and economic impacts of the foodservice and hospitality industry and the various initiatives being taken to counter these. This is a non-competitive environment, where the ethos is one of collaboration and the objective an altogether more conscious and sustainable industry. Speakers are invited for their knowledge of the subject in general and are encouraged to only refer to their own business in context and avoid the temptation to use the platform for promotional purposes.


Members and delegates represent the entire foodservice supply chain from source to delivery, associated industries, such as waste disposal/packaging etc, as well as agencies, Government and NGO’s. All are at a senior level in their respective organisations; those with the power of influence, be it from a corporate, media or political standpoint to initiate cultural change.


Each Footprint Forum varies in format and features a specific area of challenge facing the industry; past forums have focused on Sustainable Sourcing, Packaging, the relationship between Foodservice and Agriculture, Ethical Marques, Water, Stakeholder Engagement, International Agriculture, Nutrition and Innovation.


These meetings combine a keynote address and two further subject specific presentations, with a panel Q&A session. Each event is reported in Foodservice Footprint and various independent media, with coverage of content maximized in post-event PR campaigns.


The dynamics of Footprint Forum have transferred to stand alone (often crisis based) Roundtable sessions, where some of the most senior executives in the industry convene to tackle the most contentious issues of the day.