Cambridgeshire catering service goes green with Delphis Eco

CAMBRIDGESHIRE CATERING and Cleaning Services (CCS), has converted its cleaning chemical requirements to environmentally friendly, ecological products from Delphis Eco. These products have been implemented into the 210 schools that CCS manages.


Matt Gooderham, Operations Manager for CCS explained the reason behind the change,


“Being a school service provider we want to support our clients through the Eco-schools programme to promote and educate about the importance of going green. We therefore wanted to proactively identify how we could reduce or eliminate the negative impacts that cleaning chemicals can have, so we set about listing the cleaning product criteria we wanted to achieve.


The new products had to be less toxic, just as effective, and used in lower quantities if possible. We were also looking for product accreditation, recyclable packaging, a multi-use product range, and it needed to be a business decision too so pricing was important”


The Delphis Eco products offer an entirely ecological range of cleaning materials. Their products were trialled in a cross section of schools to compare the consumption and effectiveness of the range versus the existing cleaning products used, the results were very positive. 95% of the responses to the items trialled found them to be the same or better than the existing range of non-eco cleaning chemicals used.


Mark Jankovich, Managing Director of Delphis Eco, added, “It’s been a pleasure working with Cambridgeshire Catering and Cleaning Services on this project – they are like-minded, and believe going green is an important step. Our cleaning range is derived from plant-based extracts so they are wholly environmental, readily biodegradable and in 100% recyclable packaging. By choosing Delphis Eco, CCS were therefore able to tick all their selection criteria off at once as well as helping towards our core of education.“