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Corrie could be used to push healthy foods

Junk food manufacturers are getting desperate. Reports in the Daily Telegraph suggest that broadcasters have agreed to plug fruit and veg in TV shows rather than fried breakfasts and fizzy drinks.

The proposals are an attempt to stave off new advertising regulations governing the marketing of junk food to children, the paper reported. They have now been submitted to advisors drawing up the government’s long-awaited strategy to tackle childhood obesity.

There is little doubt the strategy will include plans to tighten up the regulations regarding advertising of junk food. Research on the X-Factor, a show reportedly watched by a million children, found 13 adverts for unhealthy food in just one episode.

There’s also little promotion of healthy diets in programmes, either. In December, the National Hydration Council found soft and fizzy drinks are shown during children’s TV programmes for almost two thirds (64%) of the screen time. Researchers said TV is a “missed opportunity” to promote healthier hydration.