Foodservice Footprint Issue 3 – Autumn 2009

In the face of adversity, 2009 has been an extraordinary year. The industry has proven to be far more resilient as far as green issues are concerned – far more so than anyone had anticipated. True, there are many businesses out there who consider sustainable aspects of business a ‘nice to have’ and not a ‘need to have’. The climate change cynics are still expressing their opinions but in general the enlightenment in the industry is commendable in the recognition that it is businesses that will make the real difference.


As, at the beginning of the year, the recession assumed its full might, we decided to retreat and develop our on-line strategy, print offerings and develop the events and research side of the business. At the beginning of 2009, as most of you know, we launched our website, its popular blog (the only of its kind) as well as the enews!


As you will notice, the journal has had a full makeover and is now printed on 100 per cent recycled paper. The inaugural Footprint Forum is being hosted on HMS Belfast in partnership with sodexo on the 8th of October. Furthermore, we have opened an office in Munich, Footprint Publishing Europe, to get to grips with the ecological credentials of foodservice on the continent. Footprint Intelligence, the newly founded research marketing arm of Footprint Media Group that has been established to determine the all important question of what Foodservices’ Footprint actually is and to help all those wanting to make improvements.


We do hope you enjoy this informative read, more than ever before, and we encourage everyone to give us as much feedback as possible. Please do get in touch to find out more about all areas of the businesses. Our thanks, as ever, go out to all of our Brand Ambassadors and supporters who are making a real measurable difference in highlighting the path to a greener hospitality industry

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