London Linen’s green success

THE LONDON Linen Group provides quality linen hire and laundry services to the hospitality markets in the capital and across the UK. It is a long established company, with a stainless reputation, which takes pride in offering excellent customer service as standard.


Always seeking to improve and innovate, in recent years The London Linen Group has been shining a light on the environmental impact of its activity. It’s been remarkably successful; and is now setting the standard for sustainability within this sector.


The foundations for this ‘green’ philosophy were laid in the company’s £3.5million investment in a new factory. This embraced new technology and made environmental issues a priority not a by-product. This factory, in West London, is the only steamless laundry in the UK, this results in significantly decreased energy loss and more efficient use of power and energy.


The London Linen Group also now uses a massive 70% less water than conventional laundries. Overall, a 35% energy saving has been achieved since the construction of this new factory.


The Continuous Batch Washer is only the third machine of its kind in the world: such are its green credentials that it qualifies for an Enhanced Capital Allowance. Who says that it doesn’t pay to be good?


Alongside these major innovations which place The London Linen Group in the vanguard of commercial environmentalism, it has implemented many small changes which others across this industry and others could easily emulate. ‘Food miles’ are a common consideration when walking around a supermarket these days, but have you ever considered ‘linen miles’? Probably not, but The London Linen Group has. It works hard to plan its transport routes and calculates and implements the lowest mileage routes between venues, and is gradually replacing older vehicles with more environmentally friendly ones.


All products are carefully sourced, from cotton and linen to detergents; packaging has been reduced to a minimum with significantly less plastic than previously. Packing and delivery now takes place in recyclable washable laundry bags and materials such as cardboard, paper, pallets and detergent drums are all recycled. Waste linen products are separated and sent on to be converted for alternative use or rags and end-of-life garments are donated to charities.


The London Linen Group also seeks to work with other companies which share its values, such as its printers, who are now accredited by the FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council).


Staff are given appropriate training and encouraged to adopt and promote a positive and responsible awareness towards the environment – from the big things to the smaller. They are pleased to see the Managing Director cycling to work most days!


The London Linen Group is constantly looking for ways to reduce its carbon footprint and make the company greener, this is an on-going quest, but sometimes an idea really captures the imagination. For example, new ground-breaking products for they are popular with chefs – comfortable to wear, cool in the kitchen and absolutely fit for purpose.


Happily for The London Linen Group all this effort and activity has won many fans, and not a few awards. It received runner-up status in two Footprint Awards – the Sustainable Use of Natural Resources Footprint Awards in both 2012 and 2013, and the Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility Award 2012. And earlier this year won the new ACE Sustains Corporate Award which recognizes those that stand out in the foodservice sector for innovation in their approach to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.



  • Our transport routes (“linen miles”) are carefully worked out to ensure we use the lowest mileage possible.
  • With 3 divisions, we work together to share deliveries and delivery routes so that a minimum number of vehicles are on the road.
  • We are well underway with our vehicle replacement programme whereby we are replacing our delivery vehicles with vehicles that have more environmentally friendly statistics and higher performance levels.
  • Based in West London, we are ideally situated with great short links into London and key routes nationally.
  • We have a Northern depot for deliveries to customers in the North of England.
  • We provide staff transport for large numbers within one vehicle throughout the local area.
  • We encourage employees to car share or cycle when travelling to and from work – our Managing Director even cycles to work most days!