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New global food initiative

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development and EAT Foundation have launched a joint initiative designed to create the “conference of parties” for food and accelerate the transformation towards a healthy and sustainable global food system.

The global initiative will bring together stakeholders across science, business, government and civil society in order to form science-based targets for the food system, and develop “scalable business solutions to achieve those targets”.

“As the world population booms towards nine billion in 2050, we urgently need to ensure the viability and health of our global food system,” said WBCSD CEO Peter Bakker. “We invite all interested companies and partners from around the world to participate in this new and exciting initiative.”

Food production is the single biggest contributor to climate change, accounting for nearly 30% of all human-caused GHG emissions. It is also a cause of biodiversity loss, deforestation, freshwater pollution and the depletion of marine ecosystems.