Europe’s 2015 vehicle emissions targets achieved ahead of schedule

NEW VEHICLES sold in 2014 have hit the carbon emissions target for 2015 two years early, emitting 7g of Carbon Dioxide per kilometre less than the 130g target.

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New vehicles emit 2.6% less CO2 on average than those sold in 2013, with overall emissions decreasing by 12% according to provisional data from the European Environment Agency (EEA).


The first overall increase in vehicle sales since 2007 was registered. Diesel vehicle sales remain up and electric vehicle sales have increased by 57% since 2013.


The UK Government’s Go Ultra Low campaign, however, has shown that £2.6 billion worth of potential savings are being missed by fleet managers not opting for Ultra Low Emissions Vans.


Manufacturers though will have to decrease emissions further to meet he target of 95g of CO2 per Kilometre by 2021.