Fairtrade hits 5 billion Euros

CONSUMERS SPENT almost 5 billion euros (€4.9bn, US$6.6bn) on Fairtrade certified products last year, according to figures released today by Fairtrade International.



In Fairtrade’s biggest market, the UK, shoppers spent 12% more on Fairtrade certified products in 2011 than they did in 2010. In Fairtrade’s first and oldest market, the Netherlands, Fairtrade sales in stores and restaurants grew by 24%. Around the globe, retail sales of Fairtrade certified products increased by a total of 12%.


Big winners included dried fruit (up 42%), oildseeds (up 43%) and fruit juices (up 52%). Almost half (42%) of all bagged sugar in UK stores will be Fairtrade certified following the latest supermarket commitment. However fresh fruit sales fell 12%, while herbs and spices suffered too (down 38%). Sales grew steadily across all of the leading Fairtrade products: coffee by 12%, cocoa by 14%, bananas 9%, sugar 9%, tea 8%, and flowers by 11%.


Products with the Fairtrade mark are now available to people in more than 120 countries on all inhabited continents.


There are currently more than 1.2 million farmers and workers working at 991 Fairtrade certified producer organisations in 66 countries. In addition to the income they earned from sales of Fairtrade products, farmers and workers earned an extra €65 million in Fairtrade Premium.