H&W of food sector to be mapped

THE HEALTH and wellbeing of the UK’S food and drink sector staff is to be evaluated, and then compared with other sectors.


iGlobalWellness, which provides corporate health and wellness programmes, is launching the “Food & Drink sector Stay Active Challenge”, which will see companies invited to challenge themselves against others in the industry, by improving their daily activity levels as much as possible.


A “Wellness Scale”, unique to the sector, will then be generated allowing companies to measure their own health and wellness in the context of the whole industry.


Information is also being gathered on the health and wellbeing of employees in other sectors, which will provide an extensive pool of data on the health, wellness, activity and fitness levels of an extensive range of industry sectors, as well as an insight into the health and wellbeing of the UK.


“We believe that the time is ripe for this evaluation into the UK’s workforce and that exciting, informative and valuable data will be gathered as a result,” said iGlobalWellness CEO Russell Tomlin.


Employers will also see the benefits of healthier, more productive and motivated employees, he added.


UK employers are giving more and more attention to the health and wellbeing of staff, which has opened up opportunities for foodservice companies in terms of providing healthier meals.